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Collie Puppies

Collie originated in the Scottish lowlands where it was used as a herding and guarding dog. It is his sweet and tolerant nature, loyalty, great intelligence and physical beauty that has endeared the Collie to dog lovers all over the world. Responsible Collie breeders will screen their dogs for hereditary diseases including eye problems (Collie eye anomaly, cataracts, PRA), skin disorders (dermatomyositis, demodicosis) and deafness. Browse our listings of Collie breeders with puppies for sale.

  Collie  Puppies for Sale in CALIFORNIA (United States)

Breeder/Exhibitor of Rough and Smooth Collies located in Southern California with emphasis on the Dazzling White Collie.

  Collie  Puppies for Sale in IOWA (United States)

Serenity Ridge Collies is devoted to the breeding of quality Collies, especially Blue Merle. Located in Dysart, Iowa.

  Collie  Puppies for Sale in Massachusetts (United States)

Breeder of Collie dogs in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Colors: sable.

  Collie  Puppies for Sale in OREGON (United States)

A small hobby kennel breeding Collie, located in McMinnville, Oregon. Producer of over 25 champions and several herding certificates.

  Collie  Puppies for Sale in WISCONSIN (United States)

Breeders of Collie located in central Wisconsin. Rough and smooth Collie puppies for sale.



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