Destructive Problem

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    Your house is wrecked daily by your dog. It seems to do it for sheer devilment because it leaves its bones and toys alone. Is there anything you could do about it?

    Idle dogs and idle people always get into trouble. Train the dog; give it something to think about, and to tire it out. Then make an indoor kennel where it can be shut in when you are not there to watch it. If you must leave it free until cured, you could make it wear a Greyhound-type muzzle; it would soon get used to it just as greyhounds do. Male do this wrecking as a form of masturbation; castration is the cure for that.

    Tough Love

    Naturally, you must scold your dog and show him what he has done wrong. It is useless reasoning with a dog, as some oversentimental people do. Dogs are not smart enough to be reasoned with. They must understand they are naughty and you are extremely angry with them. If the tearing up continues, the dog must have a safe kennel outside where he may lose the habit and be able to return to the house.

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