Dog Emergency: Burns

If burns are mild, trim away the hair and apply aerosol spray remedy used for humans. Burns caused by acids and alkali should be treated by flooding the area immediately by warm water and washing for several minutes. Acids can be neutralized by ammonia or bicarbonate of soda, while alkalis, by a weak solution of vinegar or lemon juice. In cases of severe burns or scalds, rush the dog to a veterinarian hospital as soon as possible. He will be in extreme pain, so handle him with considerable caution. If he falls into a state of shock, keep him warm by means of hot-water bottles or an electric heating pad. General treatment at this stage consists of making a dog comfortable and not applying remedies that will interfere with later care. Avoid oils and greasy ointments; use no cotton directly on the wound, as it will stick and be difficult to remove later. Use sterile gauze or a clean cloth soaked in a warm solution of bicarbonate of soda.

In the case of electric burns, the animal will possibly be in a state of shock. Signs are listlessness, gasping for breath while lying on his side, glazed eyes, and colorless gums. Never attempt to give an unconscious dog stimulants, for you may choke him to death. Try reviving him with whiff of smelling salts or ammonia under his nose. If the dog is still attached to the electric wire, get him off it by cutting the switch or insulating yourself by standing on a dry wooden board, rubber doormat or other dry nonconductor. Push the animal from the wire by means of a stick or pole or rope, making sure that you are insulated from the wire. Once the animal is free, treat him for shock and carry him to a veterinarian as quickly as possible.



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