Porcupine Quills And Snake Bites

One of the most painful and pitiful involvements that your dog can have is with a porcupine. His face and head will resemble a pin cushion from the barbed quills. This usually happens when you are on vacation and walking with your dog in the woods. If you see it happen, drag him away immediately; otherwise he will become so infuriated that he will try and kill the animal, making his situation worse. The quills must be removed as quickly as possible, for they will work deeper into the flesh. Try to get the dog to a veterinarian because it's such a painful job that an anesthetic should be given. If you do it yourself, give the dog a sedative from a country drugstore or at least a couple of aspirins. Use a small pair of pincer pliers and work slowly with a steady pull on each one. Don't try to jerk them out. Afterwards, clean each wound with peroxide or any other antiseptic.

There is not a single area of the United States that is void of poisonous snakes. Though your dog is a city slicker for most part, it is possible that in the country he might come upon a snake unexpectedly and be bitten, or tease it until it bites him. Bites of rattlesnakes, copperheads, mocassins and coral snakes can easily mean death unless you know what to do.

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Snake bite requires immediate treatment. The majority of fatalities result from waiting too long. To avoid this, you should not only have on hand a snake bite kit, but have studied the instructions in advance. The kit may be obtained at any drugstore. Snakes usually strike the nose or legs of a dog. The bite can be found by locating the two tiny punctures in the skin where the fangs entered. In a matter of moments painful swelling develops, followed generally by vomiting, convulsions, difficult breathing, collapse and death.

If your dog is bitten by a snake, try to keep him as inactive as possible. Give him the shot immediately. Don't lead him out of the woods or to the car; carry him. The more activity, the faster the poison will circulate. Keep him warm and quiet while driving him to a medical help. The shot is not a substitute for medical help, but merely a headstart in heading off the lethal or crippling effects of poisoning.

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