Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

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    Dog walking is increasingly in demand as hard-working professionals are realizing that most dogs were not bred to be couch potatoes. Tossing Rover a tennis ball over the weekend simply does not provide enough exercise and stimulation. Keeping a working or hunting breed cooped up all day is often a recipe for disaster. A bored dog will find things to do, most of them destructive. They don’t do this out of spite. Just like human children, dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Digging, chewing and even self-mutilation are some of the ways they relieve such stress.

    For mutual client-service provider satisfaction, you need to provide your dog walker with the following information:

    • Whether your dog gets along with other dogs;
    • The route you normally take your dog for walk on;
    • Whether your dog normally wears a coat on windy or rainy days;
    • Whether you normally use a choke collar, a harness or some other special equipment to walk your dog;
    • Whether there is a special fenced-in place in your yard where your dog can spend a few minutes off the leash safely;
    • Whether you bring along treats to reward your dog for obedience on the walk.
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