Azawakh, Tuareg Sloughi, Azawakh Hound

Azawakh, also known as Tuareg sloughi and Azawakh hound, is an African sighthound of afro-asian type which appeared in Europe towards 1970 and comes from the Nigerian middle basin, among others from the valley of the Azawkh. For hundreds of years he has been the companion of the nomads of the South-Sahara.

Particularly leggy and elegant, the Azawakh sighthound gives a general impression of great fineness. His bone structure and musculature is transparent. He is quick, attentive, reserved with strangers, but at the same tiem gentle and affectionate with those he is willing to accept. The hair is short, fine, down to none on the belly. The color is fawn with flecking limited to the extremities. All shades are admitted from light sable to dark fawn. The head may or may not have a black mask and the blaze is very inconsistent. The coat has a white bib and a white brush at the tip of the tail. Each of the four limbs must have compulsorily a white "stocking", at least in shape of a trace on the feet. The black brindleing is admitted.

The dog is fast enough to catch gazelles, hares and European mouflon, courageous enough to ward off big predators, untiring like a camel and beautiful like an Arabian horse. The Azawakh doesn't kill the prey, but rather hamstrings the quarry until the master arrives.

Azawakh, Tuareg sloughi, Azawakh hound

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