Fila Brasileiro, Brazilian Mastiff

One of the Brazil's native breeds, this powerful mastiff was developed to track and control livestock and big game. Its Bloodhound ancestry is apparent in its long muzzle, pendulous skin and superb tracking ability. The Fila Brasileiro is a massive dog with powerful bones and rectangular and compact structure. While the dog's body looks massive, it is surprisingly agile. Courage, determination and outstanding braveness are part of its characteristics. An excellent watchdog, Fila is wary toward strangers, but with its owners and family it is docile, obedient and extremely tolerant with children. Few breeds can compare with the Fila as guard dog and its loyalty is proverbial. Yet, due to its size and potential for aggression, the Fila Brasileiro is banned in some countries. The ideal height is 23.5 - 25.5 inches at shoulders. The coat is short, smooth, dense and close to the body. Any solid colors are permitted except the disqualifying ones, including brindles with a solid coat and more or less dark stripes.

Fila Brasileiro


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