German Spitz

A rare breed in America, the German Spitz is one of Europe’s most beloved companion breeds whose popularity in the States has been eclipsed by three spinoffs—the Pomeranian, Keeshond, and American Eskimo Dog. Like those three smiling descendants, the German Spitz is a happy-go-lucky, lighthearted companion, ranging in size from Toy (7 inches) to Giant (18 inches), and occurring in all colors and patterns. Owners prize the breed for its fun personality, keen intelligence, and hardy constitution.

Highly alert and devoted to his family, he is an excellent alarm dog. He enjoys the company of other dogs, household pets and children and will leran new tricks with great enthusiasm.

German Spitz

This is a compact breed, almost square in outline. His double coat consists of a soft. woolly undercoat with a long, straight top coat that stands off from the body. Except for the head, ears, fronts of legs and feet, where the coat is short and velvety, the long coat covers the whole body of the dog. It is particularly abundant around the neck and forequaters, with a profuse frill around the shoulders. There is feathering on the legs. The coat should never be clipped.

The German Spitz is not generally mischievous, but it is important to provide plenty for him to do, as he has a highly active brain.


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