German Pinscher

The smooth-haired pinscher is a very old breed which was first mentioned in the German Stud Book for dogs as early as 1880s. He has the same ancestors as the Schnauzer which used to be called the rough coated Pinscher. But these two breeds were different from the very beginning.

German PinscherPhoto courtesy of Hundund

This medium-sized, elegant, well-built and sturdy dog evolved as a traditional farmer's dog. It controlled vermin, drove livestock and guarded home. he is the forebearer of the Miniature pinscher and played a role in the development of the Doberman pinscher. With its short coat, strong built and elegant looks, the German pinscher is an ideal companion dog. It is hard to explain, but this breed is quite rare. In addition to being a good watchdoh and a vocal guard dog, he is very responsive to obedience training. Like other pinschers and terriers, he will not back off from fights and needs firm and consistent training. The ideal height is 6-19 inches at shoulders. The coat is short, dense, smooth, close and shiny. Colors are deer red, reddish-brown to dark red brown. Black and Tan : Lacquer black with red or brown markings. The markings are distributed as follows: above the eyes, at the underside of the throat, on the pastern, on the feet, at the inside of the hind legs and under the root of the tail. Two even, clearly separated triangles on the chest.


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