Spanish Greyhound, Galgo Español

The Spanish Greyhound is similar to the Greyhound in a several ways, but has a number of traits that separate him from his British cousin. Like the Greyhound, the Galgo is mainly used for coursing the hare. The breed has also been used for hunting other game animals like rabbits, foxes and also boars. Whereas the Galso may have played a part in the development of the Greyhound, the Greyhound is definitely an ingredient in the Galgo.

Spanish Greyhound, Galgo Espanol

Hallmarks of the breed include a long and narrow head, with the width of the skull not to exceed half of its length, rather fleshy rose-shaped ears, a long body with accentuated curves, with a concavity of the back and the convexity of the loin without abrupt breaks. The Galgo gives a look of rubustness, agility and resistance with straight and muscular hindquarters, harefeet and a particularly long tail with a hook at the end. The muscles are distinctly flat and long and never bulge. The trot is long and elastic. Health problem known in this breed include ectropion andentropion. The ideal height is 23-27 inches at shoulders. The coat comes in two varieties: one is fine and short, the other is semi-long and hard. All colors are allowed, most typical being fawn and more or less dark brindles, well pigmented; black; flecked with black, dark and ligh; burned chestnut; cinnamon; yellow; red; white and pied.


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