Berger Blanc Swiss, White Swiss Shepherd

The Berger Blanc Swiss is a powerful, well-muscled, medium-sized, white shepherd dog with erect ears, double coat and graceful outline. This is a lively, attentive and watchful breed that is somewhat reserved with strangers sometimes but never aggressive. The gene that controls the white color is a natural component in the total color genetic makeup of the German Shepherd Dog breed. The White Shepherd is registered independently with the American White Shepherd Association in the United States of America.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Berger Blanc Swiss

Over the years, the White Shepherd has been bred to have a more mellow, soft and sensitive character and most dogs will lack the serious drives necessary to be really competitive on the Schutzhund field. So anyone wanting to compete in the various protection sports would probably do better with a different breed of dog. There are two coat varieties: short hair and long hair (longer hair with under coat) The coat should be pure white and the pigment solid black. The eyes have to be dark brown. The white shepherds are working dogs and they need a lot of work and time. The color is white. The ideal height is 21.5-26 inches at shoulders.

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