Dogo Argentino

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    History & Overview

    The Dogo Argentino is a descendent of Spanish fighting dogs that have been employed in a wide variety of roles, including hunting, property guarding, drug detection, therapy dog and search-and-rescue. Also known as the Argentine Dogo or the Argentinean Mastiff, this breed was developed as the ideal big-game hunter to pursue boar, puma and jaguar.

    It was expected to track in silence, corner, attack and hold the quarry for the arrival of the hunter. The breed has an unusual origin. It was created by two brothers using the now extinct Cordoba Dog, a fearsome fighting breed. The new breed was improved by crossing these dogs with:


    The Dogo is usually described as fearless, loyal, obedient, docile, patient, and willing to please. Dogos that have been socialized with children at a young age behave cautiously and affectionately with them. By nature, the dog will exhibit an enormous patient with children, partially due to his need for human attention and more so because of his high pain tolerance. However, the breed must be socialized early to curtail his aggression toward household animals such as cats and rabbits.

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