Kooiker Dog, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

The Kooiker Dog originated in the Netherlands around 1700s and was first used for hunting small game. This industrious, intelligent, lightly built, medium-sized (14-16 inches at shoulders), well-proportioned dog has well-feathered ears, a slightly wavy, moderate-length coat, and pronounced fringing to the legs, chest, and tail. In general appearance it is not unlike a small setter with a long bushy tail. The Kooiker Dog is well known in the Netherlands and is reputed to have foiled an assassination attempt on Prince William II of Orange (1626-1650) by barking and waking him just in time. The bushy tail of Kooiker is used to lure wild ducks so that they can be banded and then released. In the Netherlands, the Kooiker Dog is also known as Kooikerhondje.

Kooiker Dog, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
Photo courtesy of Van Youngmuskyteira Kooikerhondje Kennel

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