Puppy Growling

Your puppy growls in a most menacing way when you try to pick him up or get something he is playing with from him. What should you do?

Under no circumstances slap your puppy's nose. This is a cruel and quite ineffective practice. It makes a puppy worse, not better. If you ever have to smack a puppy, do it with the palm of your hand over his hindquarters. However, a good shake and a thunderous voice are far more effective. Some puppies do growl badly and they must be made to give up what they are playing with directly you ask for it. The way to make a puppy to do this is to keep a choke chain on; when you want to take something away and the puppy growls, just suspend the puppy until it gasps for breath, at which point the object you want will fall out of his mouth. Immediately praise the puppy. A tremendous show of affection is absolutely necessary.

Growling, curiously enough, is not always a sign of bad temper; sometimes it is purely and simply "talking." Sometimes a puppy may growl when you scratch his chest. It is a sort of series of grunts of happiness. A puppy often growls because he is overtired and wants to be left alone. All puppies should have ample rest. Any sign of growling should be a warning to the owner to pu the puppy into his indoor kennel or basket and let it sleep. After all, what other sign can a puppy give to show that he has had enough of something?

Puppy growling

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