Dutch Smoushond (Hollandse Smoushond)

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    History & Overview

    The Dutch Smoushond, known in his native Holland as Hollandse Smoushond, or Smous, is a rough-coated, lively, active, strong and squarely built companion dog. The Smoushond is built and muscled to be able to follow horse and carriage, as well as to catch rats in the stable. This breed was formerly referred to as “Gentleman’s Stabledog” or coachman’s dog. The exact origins of this breed are unknown, but judging by its looks, he may be related to schnauzers. As a typical terrier, he is a tireless ratter and an excellent watchdog.


    Affectionate and friendly, he is not easily frightened, yappy or prone to wandering, the Smous is a great family dog.


    The ideal height is 14 – 17 inches at shoulders. The coat is coarse, wiry, harsh, straight and with on unkempt look about it. There is sufficient undercoat to protect the dog from the weather. A parting on the back is an indication that the coat is too long and soft and lacking undercoat. Self-colored yellow in all shades, with a preference for a dark straw color. Ears, moustache, beard and eyebrows may be of a darker shade of yellow than the rest of the dog.

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