Dwarf Larkspur

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    The Dwarf Larkspur (Delphinium tricorne) is a tall perennial herb native to moist, wooded slopes, prairies and thickets. It is a good choice for a damp spot that could use a splash of color. Larkspurs are so named because one of the petal-like sepals forms a “spur.”

    The genus name, Delphinium, originates from the Greek word delphos, or dolphin, and refers to the shape of the flowers. Tricorn refers to the fruits, which resemble three horns when ripe.

    This one to two feet tall plant produces flowers that vary from purple to pink to white. The flowers form a long, single, cylindrical spike, generally rounded off at the extremity and rarely tapering. The foliage is finely cut, buttercup-like. The plant grows from small tubers. Larkspurs are poisonous to grazing animals.

    Video Credits: Tennessee State Parks
    Image Credits: Eric Hunt, WikiMedia


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