English Toy Spaniel

In England, the English Toy Spaniel is known as the King Charles Spaniel which is also its official name under FCI classification. He is not to be confused, however, with the Cavalier King Charles, which is a separate breed. The English Toy Spaniel is lovable and friendly. He is also agile and brave which makes him an ideal watchdog and excellent house dog as he is not known to be an excessive barking dogs.

The English Toy Spaniel, with his pushed-in-nose and silky, flowing coat gives the appearance of a dog of distinction and character. It is a soft, quiet, loving and gentle dog that make it a favorite of the elderly. He can be a bit mischievous at times, but what he wants most is to be your companion and lap dog. Although their official weight is listed at 8-14 lbs, some may get as big as 20 lbs.

Other Names: ETs', Charlies', King Charles Spaniel

Country of Origin: Great Britain

Utilization: Companion and Toy dog

FCI Classification: Group 9 -Companion & Toy Breeds; Section 7 - English Toy Spaniels (without working trial); AKC Classification: Toy Group

English Toy Spaniel, King Charles Spaniel
Photo courtesy of Les King Charles des Rêves de Mawisa

Size: Small (9-11 inches at shoulders)

Colors: Black and Tan, Tricolor, Blenheim (Ground pearly white, with well distributed chestnut-red patches), Ruby.

Litter Size: 3

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Life Span: 12-14 years

Grooming Requirements: Brush several times a week.

Shedding: Heavy

Personality: Loyal, affectionate, willing to please, lap dog.

Social skills: Very sociable with other pets

Suitability for Children: Very good with kids who understand this is a delicate toy breed.

Exercise Needs: Basic coach potato. This is a happy lap dog.

Train Ability: Intelligent, quick learner, easy to train.

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