Estrela Mountain Dog

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    The Estrela Mountain Dog is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of the Iberian Peninsula and has its origin in the Estrela Mountains of North Portugal.


    A loyal watchdog and fearless family protector, this mastiff-type dog makes an excellent guard dog.


    There are two varieties: smooth and longhair. His coat can be of fawn, wolfgray and yellow color, either self-colored or with white markings. The hair is strong, very abundant, slightly coarse, without excessive harshness, the texture is similar to goat hair. The undercoat is composed of fine hair, short, abundant and entangled, normally of lighter than the outer coat.

    In the long-haired variety, the topcoat is slightly wavy and uneven in some areas. It is shorter and denser on the limbs, below the elbows and hocks, as well as on the head; on the ears, it becomes gradually shorter from the base to the tip, becoming thinner and softer.

    It is longer on the tail, which is bushy, thick and feathered, around the neck and throat and on the buttocks, which are abundantly feathered, as well as the backside of the forearms. In the short-haired variety, the hair is short. Short hairs, evenly distributed over the body, slightly shorter on the head and limbs, without feathering.

    Estrela Mountain Dogs stand 25 – 28 inches at the withers, while females are slightly shorter. On average, males weigh about 114 pounds, while females are around 88 pounds.

    Video Credits: Star Mountain Kennel


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