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Fish for Sale, Tropical Fish

No one knows exactly when the first fish were bred in captivity, but it's safe to say that the practice goes back thousands of years. The Egyptians are believed to have cultivated fish not just for food but for decoration and enjoyment. Today, the majority of fish for sale in North American pet shops are bred at commercial fish farms in Florida and southeast Asia.

Amateur fish breeders also play a vital role in the hobby. Every year they trade and sell thousands of fish among themselves&mdahs;including rare species of fish that are almost never seen in pet shops. Browse our listings of popular species of freshwater and saltwater aquarium fishes.

When purchasing a fish, reject without hesitation any fish that

  • Cannot swim effortlessly, or maintain a steady position in the water.
  • Has a very thin cross-section or a hollow belly.
  • Has folded-down, split or frayed fins.
  • Has obvious pimples, spots, wounds or other body damage.
  • Has not been quarantined, or comes from a dubious source.
  • Is of an extreme size, small or large, compared to its intended tankmates. (One may either eat, or be eaten by, the other.)
  • Is very expensive, until you are sure that you can keep it successfully; it may need special conditions.


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