Goldfish Varieties

There are many beautiful varieties of fancy Goldfish (Carassius auratus). The common goldfish is one of the world's most popular pets. The Comet was developed in the USA.

It is either red or red and white. The red and white variety is sometimes referred to as Sarassa. The Ryukin is one of the most popular of aquarium goldfish that are kept today. The distinguishing characteristics of this variety are its round belly and long tail which can be either triple or quadruple. The original source of Ryukin was China. The red and white variety are most apreciated, although the calico Ryukin (base color blue with red, white and black markings) is also beautiful. The variety is often referred to as the fringetail and has an excellent flutter to its swimming movements.

The shape of the Sabao is very similar to that of Ryukin, but with a single caudal fin. It is a very hardy and attractive goldfish.

The original Buffalo Head came from Korea and is probably the rarest and most sophisticated of goldfish. There is no dorsal fin, the back is rounded and the body is perfectly symmetrical.

The Tosakin has a very unusual tail formation. It has great difficulties in swimming and prefers to remain near the bottom of the aquarium. Tosakin are best bred and appreciated in shallow containers.

The Pearlscale has very unusual scales that look like half-round pearls. They can be red, red and white, calico, black and white or blue. It has a very similar body shape to the Ryukin and Fringetail.

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Hana Nishiki variety is very unusual, with a ball balanced on its head. This particular specimen also has pearl scales.

Bubble Eye Goldfish
Bubble Eye Goldfish
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The Bubble Eye is a very striking goldfish, with its huge bags containing fluid protruding from around the eyes. The bubbles are particularly fragile and easily damaged. They are susceptible to bacterial attacks which eventually pierce the sac. As the fluid escapes the bubble will deflate, but if treated with care it will repair and inflate again.

The Celestial variety is closely relate to the Bubble Eye, but there is a noticeable difference in the shape of the eyes that are similar to those of the Telescope (Demekin) variety, but they are turned upward.

Calico Common Goldfish
Calico Common Goldfish
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The Shubunkin variety is very similar to the Comet variety but has calico coloring. There are several different versions, the most popular being the "Bristol Shubunkin" that has a rounded and less streamlined tail.

The principal feature of the Telescope Eye is its protruding eyes, and, apart from the common goldfish, Comets and Shubunkins, it is probably the most popular variety to be bred in large numbers. It is without doubt unusual and attractive. It is normally black, but red and white, and calico examples are also found.

Orandas are the largest of the goldfish varieties, with some specimens measuring more than 8 inches. The hooded growths add an attractive and almost charming look to this goldfish. Some examples can become very tame. The Dutch Calico is probably one of the most colorful of the Oranda goldfish varieties. The Red Cap Oranda has a red cap peched on its head.

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