Saltwater Aquarium, Marine Aquarium

Keeping marine species native to tropical seacoasts and reefs is a relatively recent development. For these species aquariums filled with natural or artificial seawater must be provided. Such tanks should also be equipped with means of controlling the balance of acids and alkalines in the water. There are more steps than in establishing a freshwater tank. Many of the techniques and much of the equipment are the same.

In setting up a marine system in your home, you need to consider the following:

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  • Sand
  • Type of water: - natural seawater or organica salt mix
  • Plants
  • Rocks and Coral
  • Water treatment system: - dechlorinator, deaminator, reverse osmosis unit, deionization unit or tap water purifying filter
  • Saltwater mixing & vats, utility buckets, nets, specimen box for moving or acclimatizing fishes, gravel vaccum with siphon hose, activated carbon, fish foods

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