Long-blooming Plants - Six Weeks Or Longer

Many perennials have flower interest for months ar a time, and the following species catch the eye for many weeks. They don't throw only an occasional flower; rather, they just keep on partying. Removing spent flowers results in more persistent flowers with almost all species. Plants in the Northeast and Northewest tend to persist longer than those where high temperatures consistently occur.

[Photo of Bear's-breech, Acanthus mollis]

Bear's-breech, Acanthus mollis

Other common names: Aartist's acanthus, bear's-breech, sea-dock, sea-holly

Photo source: Saatgut-Vielfalt

[Photo of Pink yarrow, Achillea]

Yarrow, Achillea

Other common names: milfoil

Photo source: Saatgut-Vielfalt
[Photo of Rue Anemone, Anemonella thalictroides]

Rue Anemone, Anemonella thalictroides

Other common names: windflower

Photo source: USDA

[Photo of Canadian Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis]

Canadian Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis

Other common names: honeysuckle, meeting-houses, red-bell, wild columbine

Photo source: Rareplants

[Photo of Frikart's aster, Aster x frikartii]

Frikart's aster, Aster x frikartii

Photo source: Flickr.com

[Photo of Tatarian aster, Aster tataricus]

Tatarian aster, Aster tataricus

Other common names: Tartarian aster

Photo source: Missouri SU, Department of Biology

[Photo of Brunnera, Brunnera macrophylla]

Brunnera, Brunnera macrophylla

Other common names: false forget-me not, great forget-me-not, perrenial forget-me-not, Siberian-bugloss

Photo source: Cornell Herbaceous Perennials database

[Photo of Leadwort, Ceratostygma plumbaginoides]

Leadwort, Ceratostygma plumbaginoides

Other common names: Plumbago

Photo source: Wolf Hill Home & Garden

[Photo of Threadleaf tickseed, Coreopsis verticillata]

Threadleaf tickseed, Coreopsis verticillata

Other common names: Whorled tickseed

Photo source: Florida Museum of Natural History >

Long-blooming plants

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