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Giant Schnauzer for Sale

The Giant Schnauzer is a powerful, hardy, athletic, bold and good-natured dog that has always been popular as a good family companion. The Giants take their protection duties very seriously and are very popular as personal protection dogs. They will not retreat when threatened and make excellent watchdogs. Prospective Giant owners should bear in mind that this is primarily a working breed that needs lots of exercise, various activities and firm handling. Browse our listings of Giant Schnauzer breeders with puppies for sale.

  Giant Schnauzer  Puppies for Sale in ILLINOIS (United States)

Breeding for quality with health, conformation, and temperament of primary importance. Located in Belleville, Illinois.

  Giant Schnauzer  Puppies for Sale in MICHIGAN (United States)

Giant Schnauzers with strength of body, mind and spirit. Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale. Located in Holt.



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