Bavarian Warmblood

A warmblood is any of several breeds including Friesian, Hanoverian and Bavarian, originally developed in Europe often by crossing Thoroughbred or other riding horse breeds with draft horses. The Bavarian Warmblood originated in the Rott Valley of Bavaria, a region noted for horse-raising. As a war horse it was considered the equal of the Friesian. Various British blood was introduced during the 18th century, including Cleveland Bay and Thoroughbred. Oldenburg horses have also influenced the breed. Nowadays, the Bavarian Warmblood is a heavyweight riding horse standing about 16 hh. The color is usually chestnut; brindle coloring has occurred. The breed has a steady and reliable temperament which makes it well suited for all forms of riding. The breed has great athletic abilities and since the advent of such horses as Lord Sinclair and, most recently, the great jumper Quartier Latin and his son Quentin, the Bavarian Warmblood breed is becoming ever popular.


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[Photo of Bavarian Warmblood horse]

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