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A recognized horse breed is one which has an Association with a Stud Book and Breeding Record. Most Recognized Breeds have certain Foundation Sires, and all foals registered must trace their ancestry back to theses stallions. There are certain breeds known as "color breeds", in which qualification is based on a specific color. Appaloosa, Palomino and Spotted Horse Associations are example of these. In addition to the purebred Registrations, certain associations also have "Half-Bred" books. The offspring can be registered if only one parent is purebred.

Akhal-Teke - The Akhal-Teke is one of the most distinctive and unusual horses in the world, and also one of the oldest.

Alter-Real - The Alter-Real is a classical riding horse which is still very popular in Portugal.

American Miniature Horse - A scaled-down version of the standard-size horse, it is a small, sound, well-balanced horse which stands 34 inches at the withers and comes in a wide variety of colors and markings.

American Paint Horse - A horse with patchy markings of white and other equine colors: black, bay, brown, chestnut, dun, grulla, sorrel, palomino, gray and roan.

American Quarter Horse - American Quarter Horse is a breed of strong saddle horses developed in the Western United States. The most common colors are sorrel (reddish brown), bay, black, brown, buckskin, chestnut, dun, red dun, gray, grullo, palomino, red roan and blue roan.

American Saddlebred - The American Saddlebred is a beautiful five-gaited saddle horse, originally known as the Kentucky Saddler. It was developed as a riding horse in the 19th century.

Andalusian - One of the oldest breeds, the Andalusian is a horse of exceptional beauty and gentle nature.

Appaloosa - A breed of saddle horse developed in North America with a distinctive spotted rump and striped hooves.

Arabian - A swift, intelligent, graceful horse known for its endurance and loyalty. Comes in chestnut, gray, bay, and black colors with white markings.

Ardennais - The modern Ardennais is an energetic, good-looking, chunky little horse - he is often said to be built like an equine tractor.

Auxois - This is a strong and enduring equine which is thought to have existed side by side with Ardennais since the Middle Ages.

Barb - A graceful, athletic, and very energetic horse from North Africa.

Bavarian Warmblood - Originated in the Rott Valley of Bavaria, Germany, a region noted for horse-raising.

Boulonnais - A heavy draft horse originating in France.

Budenny - One of the most popular horse breeds in Russia.

Breton - Although small, the Breton horse is noted for its soundness and vigor.

Canadian Cutting Horse - The Canadian equivalent of the American Quarter Horse

Cleveland Bay - A carriage horse native to Britain.

Draft Horse - Draft breeds are descendants of the "Great Horse" of the knights of the Middle Ages. These horses have developed into heavy carriage, draft, and farming horses. Many are also ridden in just about every discipline. Draft breeds are often crossed with lighter breeds to produce a large, sturdy, even tempered and well moving individual.

Falabella - The Falabella is a miniature horse and is the smallest horse in the world.

Friesian - A black horse of striking beauty and gentle temperament from the Netherlands.

Gelderland - A brilliant sports performance horse from the Netherlands.

Holsteiner - A large, strong and athletic horse of German origin; a perennial choice for equestrian sports at the highest level.

Morgan Horse - The Morgan is easily recognized by his proud carriage, upright graceful neck, and distinctive head with expressive eyes. Deep bodied and compact, the Morgan has strongly muscled quarters.

Oldenburg - A large, powerfully built horse of German origin.

Poitevin - A heavy draft horse from France.

Rocky Mountain Horse - The Rocky Mountain Horse is a naturally gaited horse known for gentleness and versatility. It is best suited for pleasure riding, trail and endurance riding, showing and ranch work. It is well suited to young riders, children and riders with physical limitations.

Thoroughbred - The Thoroughbred is considered to be the fastest and most valuable horse in the world. It influenced the development of all other major breeds and types.

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