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Horse Diseases and Disorders

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By Corinna   Tuesday, April 09, 2013 4:50:47 PM

Laminitis is a painful and debilitating disease. Although the exact cause is unknown it is often associated with insulin resistance and obesity, and can be preceded by diseases such as colic and diarrhea. It is known to occur in horses allowed the freedom to eat lots of lush fresh, grass especially after being kept indoors for the winter. Lameness Locator is a new tool to detect lameness problem. The device places small sensors on the horse's head, right front limb and croup, near the tail. It records information, then transfers it to a computer or mobile device and compares it against databases. The computer is then able to diagnose whether or not the horse is lame. (

By danmarcus   Tuesday, April 09, 2013 4:50:47 PM

Thermography has been used by vets to find out the cause of lameness in horses. The method is fast and safe and is based on a simple idea. The horse's body surface temperature is detected by an infrared camera, which is both easy and inexpensive to use. Because inflammation is marked by increased blood flow and surface temperature, the camera allows to pinpoint areas of inflammation that are difficult to detect with the hands. The unit cannot be used for several hours after the exercise though.

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