Australian Pony

Most notable influence on the breed were those of the Welsh Pountain Pony, the Hackney pony, Arabian, small Thoroughbreds, the Timor, Shetland, Highland and Irish Connemara , as well as two Exmoor ponies.

The Australian pony of today clearly shows how early breeders concentrated on using native British Stock, as well as maintaining the Quality of the Arab. The influence of the Welsh Mountain pony is particularly evident. The Australian pony Stud Book Society formed in 1931 and there are now over 27,000 ponies registered.

The Australian pony is a first-class children's pony with quality, presence and ability. They generally have excellent conformation and a good length of stride for a a pony breed. They excel in all areas of riding, including dressage, jumping, pony club eventing, gymkhana and mounted games, showing and competitive driving. They have remarkable temperaments and are ideal for children, small adults, and novices alike.

Australian Pony
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In appearance, the Australian ponies have a quality pony head and large, kind eyes. The neck should be well set and arched, with very well conformed sloping shoulders, and a short, straight back. The chest should be deep and well developed, the barrel round, and the quarters sloping. The legs are short, with a strong and dense cannon bone, and are mostly well put together. Typically most Australian ponies are gray although any color is allowed, apart from skewbald and piebald, and they usually stand between 12 hh to 14 hh.