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30 March, 2015 Shetland pony closeup

Rescuing horses can be dangerous work
The cold weather took the live of Madison county horse where a utility crew was worked on a farm near last night, when they found a pony half way into an icy pond. Rescuers spent 45 minutes trying to get it out of the water before the animal died of hypothermia. When horses are in danger and panicking, trying to save an animal can be an equally dangerous situation for those trying to help. (source: WTVQ Lexington, KY)

Horses jump through fires in ancient Spanish festival
The ritual is done to purify the animals. A priest blesses them. It is the smoke the purifies the animals, according to the tradition.

Horses receive traditional blessing in Romanian village
God has blessed man and his entire creation. The baptism of the horses, which is a tradition getting back to old times in this Romanian village, has its roots in the Holy Scripture. It's a joyful moment for the villagers shared by the entire community. The mares are the most important beings in peoples' households. They work with them day after day in the fields. The horses transport crops. The priest also visits the houses and blesses all other animals.

Look Around Lubbock: Non-profit strives to save horses
Easy R Rescue Group pours his heart to save neglected and abused horses. But how much word does it really take to take care for these animals? It's a full-time job. The founders wanted to reach out to their community and provide access to those who have no funds for riding lessons or other things with horses. They are committed to teach folks in their community about the horses and make the joy and pleasure these animals bring available to everyone. You can always to reach back and volunteer to care for these beautiful animals and make a financial contribution to help feed the animals. (source: KJTV FOX 34 Lubbock, TX)

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By laredoguy   Sunday, December 30, 2012 4:50:47 PM

I don't like to use fly sprays unless it is absolutely necessary, partly because most fly sprays don't smell that good, but mainly because that make my eyes and my skin burn. Therefore, to reduce the amount of chemicals and increase the level of comfort of our boarded horses, we use a lot of fly gear. In a stall, a fly scrim, which is a thin, durable, open-weave fabric of nylon, cotton or linen, is used. I use fly masks to protect horses from flies and sun. I use all three types: plain, with ears and with nose shield masks. For pasture horses that are bothered by flies or gnats under the jaw or on the chest, we use browbands/neckbands that have dangling strips soaked with insecticides.

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white riding horse waiting for some fun with kids
Mirra waiting for some fun with kids

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