Tennessee Walking Horses

The Tennessee Walking Horse is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. The breed was developed in the 19th century by crossing the old Narragansett Pacer, Thoroughbred and American Saddlebred bloodlines. The Tennessee Walker has three bounce-free gaits: a flat walk, a running walk and the smooth "rocking chair" canter. The breed is considered to be the most comfortable ride in the world because of its rapid, four-beat smooth gait. The Tennessee Walking Horse comes in black, bay and chestnut colors and stands 15-15.2 hands.

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  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   Texas (United States)

Wolf Hollow Farm

Farm specializes in breeding, raising, and selling Tennessee Walking Horses for pleasure and for show. Breeding program focuses on careful selection of mares with proven show records, impeccable bloodlines, exceptional confirmation, and a loose natural movement. Located in Lexington.


  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   New Mexico (United States)

WindWalker Farms

Farm specializes in breeding Tennessee Walking Horses with good dispositions and conformed for versatility. Two stallions representing fine old bloodlines and the rare and unique Champagne color. Located in Chaparral.


  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   Montana (United States)

Absaroka Tennessee Walking Horses

Full-service Tennessee Walking Horse facility offering first-rate young stock for sale, stallion service, publications, training and vacation tours. Located in Absarokee.


  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   Washington (United States)

Arnolds Walking Horses

Tennessee Walking Horses for sale. Supreme versatility champions and horses of distinction. Clients testimonials available. Located in Gig Harbor.


  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   Tennessee (United States)

B & B Farms

Naturally gaited, versatile Tennessee Walking horses of color. Horses with sound dependable minds. Ride a horse that everyone would like to own. Stallions, brood mares, colts. Bred mares, safe in foal for sale at all times. Predominant colors: Palomino, buckskin, Cremelo, Chestnut. Located in Newbern.


  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   Pennsylvania (United States)

Baby Acres Tennessee Walkers

Farm breeding and raising quality Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle horses. Located in Titusville.


  Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in   Tennessee (United States)

Walnut Hill Tennessee Walking Horse

Registered Tennessee Walking Horses for sale - dark sabino roans and pinto colors. Stallion services. Located in Shelbyville.





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