Hovawart Dog Breed

The Hovawart is a very old German working dog breed. The name's origin stems from Middle High German (an old form of German); Hova = Hof (= yard, farm) and wart = W├Ąchter (= watchman). Since 1922 the breeding of this breed, by using dogs similar in type still found on farms, has been restored.

The Hovawart is a versatile working dog with calm and even disposition. Self-confident and protective, he is a very devoted, long-lived family dog. He will defend his family under any circumstances, establishing very close relationship with all members of the family, especially children. Hovawarts are outstanding guard dogs, watchdogs, tracking and search-and-rescue dogs as well a great family companions.

Photo courtesy of Hundund.de

Although he has a very friendly nature, he is not very easy to train and remains essentially rustic and tends to do what he feels like doing even when commanded otherwise which indicates for a need of a very good obedience school. He retains a very calm and balanced temperament.

Like all other breeds, the Hovawart has a few health problems that you should be aware of: hip dysplasia, osteochondrosis dissecans, hypothyroidism and eye problems (entropion).


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