Hygen Hound (Hygenhund)

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    History & Overview

    The Hygen Hound, known in its native Norway as Hygenhund, is a medium-sized, solid and compact scenthound. This excellent hunting dog was named after Hygen, the man who developed the breed in the 19th century by crossing the German Hölsteiner Hound with other scenthounds. The breed was then crossed with the more lightweight Norwegian Hound. The Hygen Hound is rare outside his native country.


    This lively breed with great stamina is a distance runner. He can follow a trail to find wounded game. He hunts all sorts of quarry on all kinds of terrain in all types of weather.


    A fine watchdog, he is also a good companion.


    The coat is straight and preferably somewhat rough to the touch, dense, shiny and not too short. The back of the thighs and the tail may be somewhat more heavily coated, but not too much. The colors are red-brown or yellow-red, often with black shading on head, back and tail set, with or without white markings. Black and tan, usually combined with white markings. White with red-brown or yellow-red patches and ticks, or with black and tan markings. The different colors should be clearly defined from each other.

    Video Credits: Rolf Hestetræet


    • FCI-Standard # 266/09.08.1999/GB
    • Image Credits: Wag!


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