Irish Red and White Setter

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    History & Overview

    There are two breeds of Irish Setters, the Irish Red Setter and the Irish Red And White Setter. It is believed that the Red and White Setter is the older of the two and is bred primarily for the field. By the end of the 19th century, the Red Setter had virtually eclipsed the Red and White, which became so rare, that they were thought to be extinct. During the 1920s, efforts were made to revive the breed. By 1944, the breed had re-established itself well enough to have a club of its own, and today it can be seen in healthy numbers at Irish shows and Field Trials.


    The Irish Red and White Setter is a great family companion and an outstanding hunting dog.


    His coat is finely textured with good feathering, slightly wavy. The base color is white with solid red patches (clear islands of red color) with some flecking around the face and feet. This energetic, fun-loving, affectionate breed requires little grooming and makes a wonderful pet with a long, healthy life.

    Video Credits: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show


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