Japanese Bobtail

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    Histroy & Overview

    The Japanese Bobtail has a tail that is not merely shortened but also tightly twisted. Genetically, this is quite distinct from the tail-shortening of the Manx cat. The Japanese Bobtail’s stumpy tails resulted from natural mutation and are covered with thick fur.

    They come in short and Longhair versions. This breed has a low kitten mortality rate and high disease resistance. Despite its name, this breed originated in China, migrating to Japan centuries ago. It appears in numerous ancient works of Japanese art—statues, prints, and paintings.


    Friendly, easy-going, intelligent, charming, both kinds of Japanese Bobtail have soft voices and a wide range of tone. Some people say they sing.


    The Japanese Bobtail is a medium-sized cat that comes in two varieties: shorthair and long-hair. The two cats have the same basic standards. The Longhair seems a bigger cat, but this is mainly due to the Longhair’s coat; this version of the Japanese Bobtail also sports a ruff. Also, the legs of the shorthair version are finely covered with hair, while the Longhair’s coat lies fairly flat and then may flow into hairy “pantaloons” on the hind legs.

    Japanese Bobtail Colors

    The favorite colors in this breed are:

    • Black
    • Red
    • Red And Cream (Tortoiseshell)
    • Red And White (Mi-Ke)
    • Tortoiseshell And White
    • White
    • Many other combinations are accepted
    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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