Japanese Chin

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    History & Overview

    The ancestry of the Japanese Chin is probably similar to that of the Pug, Pekingese and Tibetan Spaniel. This breed used to be called the Japanese Spaniel, the Japanese Pug or simply the Japanese, but today it is always referred to as the Japanese Chin, or the Chin.

    This is a graceful, ancient breed whose image can be seen on early Japanese pottery, tapestries, silks and temple walls. His luxurious, silky coat, an up-curled tail, a flattish face and drooping ears can be black-and-white or brown-and-white. There are two weight divisions: over seven pounds and under seven pounds, the smaller, the better.

    Image Credits: Sim Sala Chin

    There are many theories concerning the dog’s origin. In earlier days it was exclusively owned by the Japanese nobility and was not available to the general public.


    The Chin has Proud, very intelligent, alert, quick to learn and sensitive; he is a perfect companion. The Chin adapts himself to any mood of his owner and wants nothing better than to love him. If you can put up with shedding, this is an ideal apartment dog. Although fond of children, he does not like rough treatment. This dog considers jumping up on people’s laps a vigorous workout.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
    Image Credits: Desert Jade Japanese Chin


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