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    Fans of the long, lean Siamese-styled cats began introducing an astounding variety of colors to create today’s Oriental Shorthair. The stubborn longhair gene kept cropping up, however. So Oriental shorthair breeders began to perpetuate it; some even introduced the Balinese breed to refine the Oriental Shorthair’s silk chiffon coat.

    The color-pointed version of these longhaired cats is known as Javanese. So, a cat lover who prefers the leggy, elegant Siamese body style, but who also desires the full palette of every available cat color (over 20), and a flowing silky coat, should find that the Javanese (also called Longhaired Oriental) is custom-made for him or her.


    According to breeders, this totally people-oriented cat actively supervises and participates in every household chore, often doing so by giving very vocal instructions. Versatile with his voice and clear with its expectations, the Javanese makes a most interesting and companionable feline. It is very sociable and often does not discriminate between family members and guests.


    Little grooming is required to keep this breed’s trouble-free coat in shape. Because the medium-length coat of the Javanese has no undercoat, this breed sheds less than other longhaired breeds.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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