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Interactive Audio And Video Transcripts

The timed-text displayed on video that includes both speech and essential non-speech sounds is called Closed Captions, or subtitles. International studies clearly indicate the universal usefulness of closed captions. Contrary to older reports, not just people who are deaf or hard of hearing can benefit from subtitles, but virtualy everyone:

  • Viewers who know English as a second language.
  • Viewers who find it hard to comprehend a dialogue that is spoken very quickly or with accents.
  • Viewers who have difficulty understanding full names, brand names, or technical terminology.
  • For viewers with learning disabilities, attention deficits, or autism Closed Captions help maintain concentration, which can provide a better experience.
  • Everyone can watch videos in sound-sensitive environments, like offices and libraries.

If you like learning English by watching movies or videos, our Interactive Audio And Video Transcripts are especially good. They have a lot of flexibility and they help develop different skills, such as listening just to understand the main idea or listening for detailed information. Just click a phrase to practice a specific fragment. There is a limitation: Currently interactive audio transcripts are only available to Google Chrome browser users.

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Audio and Video With Interactive Transcripts

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