Little Blue Heron

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    The Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea, or Florida caerulea) is a medium-sized, long-necked wading bird of the Order Ciconiiformes (herons and storks). Both sexes are similar in appearance, with deep blue-gray plumage, dull green legs, and a black-tipped bill.

    Head coloration can become chestnut brown during the breeding season. They nest in mangrove trees at the fringes of a mixed heron colony, lake, or pond areas where spring water levels are low or receding.

    The Little Blue Heron feeds primarily on amphibians and on other crustaceans (shrimp, other crab species.) In Florida, the Little Blue Heron is listed as a species of special concern (SSC). It is not federally listed as threatened or endangered.

    Video Credits: Jo Alwood
    Image Credits: Joshua J. Cotten


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