Longhair Scottish Fold

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    This is the long-haired version of the Scottish Fold which originated in the village of Coupar Angus in the Lowlands of Scotland. There were long-haired individuals in the Scottish Fold stock from the very beginning of the breed, but when the official standard was written, it referred only to the short-haired version.


    The Longhair Scottish Fold cat has proven to be a popular variety proving that with a responsible owner and breeder management, it is no more of a problem than the button-nosed Persian or the Manx. These quiet, sweet-natured, easygoing cats are most content when they are around people which makes them very good with children.


    Longhair Scottish Fold cats have coats of varying length from medium to long; hair is longest on the ruff, leg britches (the long hair along the back part of the rear legs) and plumed tail. They come in many colors and patterns.

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