Löwchen (Little Lion Dog, Petit Chien Lion)

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    History & Overview

    The origins of Lowchen date back to the 13th century when the breed was a favorite among the ladies of the court of Burgundy. The Little Lion Dog, known in its native France as Petit Chien Lion, or Löwchen, is a small companion dog with a lively and alert expression. He moves around proudly and with a purposeful determination, accentuated by the floating mane. His lion clip might make you think that he is fragile, but in fact, this is a very robust breed.


    The Lowchen is very affectionate, obedient, receptive, and at ease in all situations. The breed is extremely intelligent and good at learning. At home, he is calm and attentive, and protective, and outside he is spunky and playful. Today, this breed is very popular in Europe and also attracting many American admirers.


    The ideal height is 12 – 14 inches at shoulders. The coat is dense, silky, long, and wavy with no undercoat. The long wavy coat is trimmed like that of a toy poodle. All colors and combinations of colors. Single colors such as white, black, and lemon are popular and considered desirable in breeding programs.

    The coat should be combed carefully every day to prevent matting. Regular trimming is also required if given long walks. The recommended time between clips is 4 – 8 weeks. Although the lion clip is required for show dogs, many pet owners prefer a full length of the coat or a teddy bear trim. There are 3 to 6 puppies in a litter which are usually quite strong and easy to raise.

    Video Credits: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show



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