Manchester Terrier

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    History & Overview

    His name denotes his origin, and there is likely some Whippet in his ancestry. Elegant and graceful, he was bred as a ratter and can still be relied upon to despatch vermin quickly and efficiently. There are two Manchester varieties: toy and standard. Both have coats that are smooth, short and glossy. The coat color is black and dark tan.


    The Manchester Terrier is keen, alert, fun-loving and devoted to his master. He is a very low-maintenance dog ideal for city or apartment living.


    The body of this terrier is short, slightly arched over the loin with well-sprung ribs. The almond-shaped eyes are relatively small, dark and sparkling. The ears are small and V-shaped, carried well above the top line of head and hanging close to head above eyes. The tail is short and set on where the arch of back ends, thick where it joins body, tapering to a point, carried not higher than the level of the back.

    Video Credits: American Kennel Club


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