Yellow-collared lovebird

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    The Yellow-collared lovebird (Agapornis personata), also know as the Masked Lovebird are native to part of the Great Rift Valley in northeast Tanzania, where they prefer to perch in baobab, palm and acacia trees. Females carry nesting material consisting of twigs and bark in their beaks. Like the Fischer’s Lovebird, these birds feed on a variety of grass seeds, acacia seeds and millet. Because they destructive to seed crops, these birds are often killed in their native habitat.


    The brownish-black head of the Masked Lovebird contrasts dramatically with its yellow chest and neck. The rest of the feathers are green. The beak is red and the legs are gray. The white eye ring is pronounced. It would be difficult for anyone but an expert to tell males from females.


    Available mutations include a blue Masked Lovebird; the normally green feathers are a lovely greenish-blue and the normally yellow feathers on the chest and throat are white. The head remains brownish-black, but the beak is horn colored. Other mutations include:

    • Cinnamon
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Dark-eyed White
    • Mauve
    • Pied
    • Yellow

    These mutations are unusual and may be expensive and difficult to find.

    A Pets

    Masked Lovebirds are considered good first birds because they are vigorous and readily available. Because this lovebird is aggressive, it is best to buy one that was hand-fed as a chick. This will help ensure that she will relate well to her owner. Hand-fed Masked Lovebirds are tame, lovable pets.

    Video Credits: Agapornis Personatus
    Image Credits: Nik Borrow


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