Spanish Mastiff

The Spanish Mastiff is native to the region of Estremadura in Spain. Since the Middle Ages, man has held the Spanish Mastiff in high esteem for his great courage in protecting livestock and property against wild and human predators. Today, his enormous stamina is used for guarding big factories, farms, fields, hunting boars and other large animals, and pulling carts.

This sturdy, muscular, heavily boned molossian breed has powerful jaws, triangular drop ears and a bushy tail. his coat is usually reddish, but can be wolf, fawn, brindle or black, gold, and gray with white.

Spanish MastiffPhoto courtesy of LOS MONTES PRAVIANOS

Well balanced, intelligent and self-assured, the Spanish Mastiff is obedient, gentle and affectionate with his family.


This is a powerful dog of imposing size and great determination.
  1. FCI-Standard N° 91/30.08.2002/GB
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