Neva Masquerade

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    The Neva Masquerade, also called Colorpoint Siberian, is named after the Neva river in St. Petersburg, Russia, where it was first developed, and masquerade is for the masque. Although its origin is not clear, it is believed that these cats are the result of a spontaneous crossing of Siberian and Siamese cats.

    The Neva Masquerade cats are fully recognised as a sister breed of Siberian cats since January 1, 2011, by Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFE, 2014). These cats make an excellent family pet as they have a reputation of becoming particularly fond of children.


    The coat is extremely thick and has a double-layered undercoat, which does not form knots or mats. Regular grooming is not necessary. While the Siberian cat can have eyes from yellow to yellow-green, the Neva Masquerade has to have blue eyes, from light to dark blue, but always blue.

    Video Credits: Neva Angels


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