Newfoundland Dog Breed

The Newfoundland belongs to the molossian type of dog breeds and is named after the island of that name in the north-east Canada. Its original duty was to act as a fisherman's drought dog, but it later became famous for its seagoing rescue feats. This large, heavily built breed has been described as a "huge, cuddly bear of a dog" and is one of the gentlest of all breeds, known for its love of children and its endless patience when enduring their most annoying habits.

A great swimmer and a natural lifeguard. If you want a companion dog or a protection dog, the Newfoundland is the answer. He must have a great deal of exercise, at least two hours a day, and he is definitely not an apartment dog.

NewfoundlandPhoto courtesy of Le haut Selvage

Newfoundland dogs are susceptible to primary bone tumors (osteocarcoma), familial subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS), canine hip-dysplasia, bladder stones (cystinuria)

It has a thick coat that is usually solid black, but can also appear in a dark, rich brown, and black-and-white (Landseer pattern), and inherited aortic stenosis.

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