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Norwegian Buhund for Sale

The Norwegian Buhund has been kept by Norwegian farmers for many centuries. Being an excellent herding and guarding dog, the Buhund boasts a remarkable logevity (18 years), has very few genetic problems and is easily maintained, making for a great family dog. He is quite easily trained, very loyal to his family and lives peacefully with other animals. The coat color can be wheaten, red, black and wolf-sable. Browse our listings of breeders with Norwegian Buhund puppies for sale.

Norwegian Buhund Puppies Bergen Reg'd Norwegian Buhunds - Alberta (Canada) 

A kennel breeding Norwegian Buhund dogs from champion breeding stock.

Norwegian Buhund Puppies Luckydice Norwegian Buhunds - British Columbia (Canada) 

Breeder of Norwegian Buhund, located on Vancouver Island.

Norwegian Buhund Puppies Zodiac Ranch - Michigan (United States) 

Breeder of Norwegian Buhund in Milford. The breeding stock includes award-winning dogs (Best of Breed, Best in Show and other awards).

Norwegian Buhund Puppies Trollhiemen Norwegian Buhund - New Jersey (United States) 

A kennel breeding Norwegian Buhund with the emphasis on temperament and type, genetic and physical health. Located in Medford.

Norwegian Buhund Puppies Kyon Kennels - Ontario (Canada) 

A kennel breeding Norwegian Buhunds since 1989. Breeders of top-winning champions, excellent obedience workers, top agility dogs and superb herding dogs, all with the typical sweet and lively temperament that makes for ideal family pets. Located in Shelburne.



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