Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound originated in Norway thousands of years ago and was used for hunting. Elkhounds are fearless, energetic and brave spitz type dogs which make excellent watchdogs and devoted family pets.

Norwegian Elkhound
Photo courtesy of Nankuri

The Norwegian Elkhound goes back about four hundred years to western Norway, where he herded flocks and defended the tribes against wolves and bears. The dog we have today is not a product of crossbreeding. He is the same now as he was thousands of years ago. Bold, energetic, with incredible stamina and fierce courage, the Norwegian Elkhound is one of the great hunters of the north bears, lynxes, deer, badgers, and mountain lions, but his great specialty is elk hunting. His sense of smell is so highly developed that he can scent an elk two to three miles away.

He is completely devoted to his owner and to the hunt. The breed is a very quick learner and a great companion, but he is also very aggressive and a real barker.

Outside the hunting season, the Elkhound is usually employed as a watchdog and is often kept outside, even in the coldest weather.

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