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Norwegian Lundehund for Sale

The Norwegian Lundehund, or Norwegian Puffin Dog, originated in Norway many centuries ago where it was bred to to hunt and retrieve Puffin birds. The Lundehund was capable to climb the steep cliffs and retrieve Puffins from their nests, providing a valuable meal for the farmers and the crop of down. Still quite a rare breed both in Europe and the United States, the Lundehund steadily gains popularity among dog enthusiasts for his alert,friendly and lively character.

Norwegian Lundehund Puppies Cliffhanger Norwegian Lundehunds - California (United States) 

Breeders and importers of Norwegian Lundehund with the goal to preserve and protect the breed. The breeding program uses reeding stock which is generally of foreign origin from Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Imports are made in the interest of genetic diversification. Located in Tomales.

Norwegian Lundehund Puppies SeaCliff Kennels - North Carolina (United States) 

Breeder of Norwegian Lundehund in Henderson.

Norwegian Lundehund Puppies Gravnings' Mini Acres - North Dakota (United States) 

Breeders of Norwegian Lundehund and Toy Mi-Ki. Located in Grand Forks.



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