Norwich Terrier

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    History & Overview

    It is assumed that this plucky little Norwich Terrier evolved from English country breeding small red and black-and-tan terriers from other crosses they already known which were always abundant in East Anglia. The idea of the breed was to produce a dog, game on the farm or in the field, but agreeable and small enough to be a suitable household companion.

    Clever, quick and courageous, he will astonish you with his tenacity and amuse you with his sense of humor. This is a dog lovable in both looks and personality. His rugged, weather-resistant coat various shades of red, black and tan, wheaten and grizzle, keep him clean and fresh. The coat is easy to maintain, requiring only daily brushing and baths as needed.


    The virtues of Norwich Terrier are endless. His admirers praise his work capabilities, and his love of human companions and sensitivity makes him an ideal family dog. This breed is happy with the young and old. Your Norwich may have a favorite in the family, but he will be nice to everyone, even newcomers.

    While he would never attack a person, he is an excellent little watchdog sounding an alarm when strangers venture to approach. The Norwich is also friendly with other dogs, although he will chase other furry creatures in the household and outside your home. Do no let your Norwich “train” you. Independent thinkers, these bright little terrier respond well to patience and praise and prove happy, eager workers.

    Known Health Risks

    The Norwich enjoys an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Although a well-kept Norwich will not be prone to illness, some terriers may suffer back problems and genetic eye diseases. Also worth noting increasing numbers of the breed have been diagnosed with epilepsy and respiratory problems.

    Advise your veterinarian that Norwich terriers are said to be sensitive to anesthesia, something to be considered in electing surgical procedures not absolutely necessary. Additionally, some Norwich have had bad reactions to the leptospirosis vaccine component. Overall, however, this is a hardy and long-lived breed, thanks to the dedication of careful breeders who screen their breeding stock and breed only healthy Norwich.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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