Ojos Azules

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    These cats usually impress one immediately with their sweet and appealing expression and their large and lovely blue or odd eyes. Despite its Spanish name, the Ojos Azules (Blue Eyes) is an American cat breed. This comparatively recent breed dates from 1984, when Cornflower, a tortie female, was discovered in New Mexico. Cornflower’s most remarkable characteristic was her blue eyes. Dark pools of intense blue, they were such that even the bluest blue-eyed Siamese might envy.

    Although some blue-eyed white cats are deaf, to date no Ojos Azules has had this handicap. Research has revealed that this breed’s blue eyes resulted from a spontaneous mutation. Since the responsible gene is dominant, the offspring will always have blue eyes.

    The Ojos Azules is a moderate shorthair breed. The longhaired variety has medium-long hair with moderate density and silky texture. The breed may come in all colors and patterns. These cats will often show characteristic white patches on the tip of the tail, face, muzzle, and toes of the hind feet, which is a manifestation of the Ojos trait.


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