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    The Paradise Fish (Macropodus opercularis) was among the first tropical fish to be kept and bred in captivity. Colorful, curious and hardy, they remain favorites today. The paradise fish is a bubble nester very easy to breed. The brood size is about 500.

    The tank should be at least 10 gallons, with 20 being even better. These fish like to jump, so make sure the tank has a secure cover. If filtration is used, it should be minimal – a sponge filter set on a slow bubble – to avoid agitating the surface.

    This species is about 3.25 inches long. He does not mix well with other aggressive species. Males have longer fins and are more brightly colored than females. Paradise fish likes cooler waters than many other members of its family. It has a wide temperature tolerance (61 – 78°F) and is an omnivore.


    The male builds the bubble nest. He will aggressively guard the eggs until they hatch. At this point, he should be removed, because the fry are immediately free swimming, and he may try to eat them. Feed the fry infusoria and liquid fry food. After a week or two, add newly hatched brine shrimp. As they grow, you can add finely crushed flake food, microworms and Daphnia.

    Video Credits: MrReyno Tanks
    Image Credits: Daniella Vereeken, WikiMedia


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